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Hadnot Creek Primitive Baptist Church

Keeping up with today's theme of historic church's, this is the second church I've shot today. It's called Hadnot Creek Primitive Baptist Church. Not only is it lovely in a very historic fashion, it's still very active. They even have a Facebook page and several YouTube videos. Here, you can expect a peaceful and quiet place to enjoy. There's virtually no traffic in this area other than those who live nearby. It's a great place to walk around and enjoy the historic beauty. You can also look through the window to see another view of yesteryear! If you should decide to visit on a warm day, or anytime in the summer... Bring bug spray! Mosquito's are vicious and plentiful all around the church!

Just like earlier today, I didn't use my own camera. Instead, I used my wife's Sony A5100 since she rarely uses it. After blowing the dust off of it and attaching a classic Minolta/Starblitz 28mm f/2.8... Wow. Just wow. Classic lenses never fail to amaze me!


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