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Beyond Photography.

I took a little time away from photography to spend with my favorite uncle, who's currently battling with cancer. He's definitely one of the strongest men that I know and has taught me more about life than pretty much anyone else other than my parents. Being around him is not only a great time, it's also a lesson in cruelty. I still fail to understand how cancer can strike such an honest and noble man. With all that he has been through, it's just not fair. If I could sacrifice my own well-being to take away his pain, I really wouldn't think twice about it. For the things he has taught me, I owe a debt that can never be repaid. If he happens to stumble across this post one day... I hope Mark W. O'Neil knows that I love him.

This is Uncle Mark getting his race car ready for the drag strip. It's awe inspiring to see the sleeping giant awaken!


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