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    My father was an Infantry Gunnery Sargent in the United States Marine Corps. He traveled far and wide to defend our country and fight for those who couldn’t defend themselves. Throughout his travels, he took plenty of pictures to document his journey through life. He shot through roll after roll of 35mm film in his Minolta SLR cameras. His photos inspired me to join the Marine Corps myself. After graduating Richlands High School, I started my voyage across the seven seas as a 6092 (Intermediate Level Aircraft Mechanic.) Following in the footsteps of my dad, I purchased my first camera. The luxurious Canon EOS Kiss III. Since then, I have left the Marine Corps to branch out and find my place in life. I still haven’t found my place, but I’m still documenting my journey. I’m also helping others to capture their special moments. 
   I started with the EOS Kiss II then moved through a variety of Canon Cameras. The Canon Rebel XT, Canon T3i, T5, and T7i taught me the fundamentals of photography. Since Canon quickly fell behind Sony’s new mirrorless offerings, I decided to switch systems. It was probably one of the best choices I ever made. The Sony A6000 renewed my passion for photography. I followed that passion by upgrading to the A6300, A6500 and A6600. I rounded out my Sony collection with the A7R. Everything was fantastic until… I met a random stranger shooting with the Fuji X-T3. He was generous enough to let me play with it. I immediately fell in love with it. Sexy, tactile, and incredibly powerful. I knew right then that I was moving to Fuji. Other than some very small preferences, I have not regretted my decision. Every day with my X-T3 has been a pleasure. I actually feel like I’m accomplishing more than just scrolling through endless menus and pressing the shutter button. I could go on-and-on, but the rest is history! 


Although I have been into photography for more than two decades, I finally decided to get the paperwork to back it up. I currently attend Southern New Hampshire University. I am working on a dual major. One a bachelors degree in Photography, the other a bachelors degree in digital marketing.  


Currently I take on multiple roles in photography:

1.) Custom Landscape Photography

2.) Fine Art Photography

3.) Event & Portrait Photography

4.) Commercial & Real Estate Photography

5.) Photography Training.

*Little known fact: I also frequently give free photography sessions to underprivileged families who are in need, and individuals needing head shots for employment but are low on funds. Everyone deserves to capture a little piece of life. Great photography should not be only for the wealthy. 

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